What a donation can do

Donate to AIP Foundation and join us in saving lives on the roads of developing countries around the world. None of our important work would be possible without the strong support of committed individuals, companies, and organizations.

Donation - $5


Buy a reflective jacket for an underprivileged child, increasing that child’s visibility as he or she walks to and from school and around the neighborhood, especially at night.

Donation - $15

15 USD

Provide a child from a high-risk traffic area with a helmet and traffic safety education, reducing his or her chance of injury by 69 percent and death by 42 percent in case of a crash.


50 USD

Donate traffic safety handbooks to 200 students, equipping them with knowledge to become role models for a new generation of safer, smarter road users.

Donation - $100

100 USD

Hire a healthcare professional to hold an information session at a school, speaking to parents and the community about the importance of child helmet use.

Donation - $250

250 USD

Secure billboard space to share life-saving information with the public, informing them about the importance of road safety.

Donation - $1000

1,000 USD

Fund a traffic safety training workshop for teachers at a school, providing them with innovative approaches to teaching 2,000 students about how to protect themselves from road traffic crash injuries and fatalities.

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