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Safe Kids Walk This Way

Walk this Way

Safe Kids Walk this Way promotes pedestrian safety in Vietnam by:

  • Educating primary and secondary students about pedestrian safety through in-classroom training and e-Learning software
  • Designing and engineering safer environments around primary and secondary schools
  • Collecting data on pedestrian injury, a largely unreported health burden, in target areas
  • Engaging secondary students in an online photography contest to capture the dangers of walking on the roads in their communities
  • Involving the local community and government agencies to provide a sustainable and safe environment for pedestrians
  • Supporting global efforts to improve pedestrian safety

The program was created by Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx in 1999.  Since then, Walk This Way has worked with more than a million students and thousands of schools globally. As Safe Kids Worldwide’s representative in Vietnam, AIP Foundation began implementing Walk This Way in 2009, with adaptations to match the specific conditions of Vietnam‘s traffic situation.

FedEx, the exclusive corporate sponsor of Walk This Way, provides volunteers to conduct classroom education, escort children to and from school, and serve on school-based pedestrian safety committees.

As of 2015, Walk this Way has reached 92,647 students from 118 primary and secondary schools across the country. Environmental modifications have been carried out at 13 schools and a 1,700 square meter traffic safety park was installed in Dong Nai Province for primary school students. In addition, 3,472 helmets, 19,855 reflective jackets and caps, and 59,177 pedestrian safety books have been donated to students. Since implementation of the program, Safe Kids reports that the percentage of students using crosswalks increased by 40% and those using sidewalks by 75%.

On account of these achievements, AIP Foundation received a global award for pedestrian safety at the 2015 Safe Kids Worldwide Childhood Injury Prevention Conference in Washington, D.C.

Walk Wise

Walk wise

Walk Wise was launched in 2012 in Kai County – a remote area of Sichuan Province, China – as part of a partnership with Chevron to respond to increased traffic due to local mining projects. The program aims to increase the pedestrian safety skills of students and parents in the area by:

  • Conducting a baseline study to develop program objectives
  • Designing a new road safety curriculum for grades one, three, and six, informed by school input and international methodologies but adapted to the needs of Kai County
  • Distributing reflective caps to increase children’s visibility when walking to and from school
  • Engaging teachers, parents, police officers, and local stakeholders to guide road safety initiatives
  • Completing ongoing monitoring and evaluations to make improvements to the project and to analyze overall project outcomes

To ensure lasting, replicable results beyond the implementation period, the evidence-based Walk Wise project has been structured by AIP Foundation but driven by local investment. The second phase will focus on leveraging the enthusiasm of regional stakeholders for a broader impact.

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