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Helmet safety

Helmets for Kids

Helmets for Kids

Helmets for Kids provides school children and teachers with quality helmets and road safety education through funding support from numerous private sector partners.

Major components of the Helmets for Kids program include:

  • Donating high quality helmets to students and teachers
  • Training teachers and students on how to wear a helmet correctly and general road safety
  • Engaging schools and the community and increasing public awareness of child helmet use in project sites through a kick-off helmet donation ceremonies
  • Integrating parents through workshops and letters of commitment
  • Sustaining students’ enthusiasm and helmet use with extracurricular activities
  • Conducting pre- and post-behavior observations and knowledge assessments

Former President Bill Clinton launched Helmets for Kids on November 19, 2000 in Ho Chi Minh City, and Helmets for Kids is now active across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The program has become a catalyst for government, nonprofit organizations, and corporate sponsors to work together to develop successful partnerships devoted to saving the lives of children in the developing world. We are keen to hear from potential sponsors to expand this initiative to more schools.

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Boda boda workshops

Boda boda workshop

Boda boda workshops support the Ubulamu Bugaga (‘Life is your wealth’) public awareness campaign in Kampala, Uganda by targeting boda boda motorcycle taxis, among whom helmet use rates are only 30 percent of drivers and less than one percent of passengers.

Through the workshops, boda boda operators from different districts in Kampala are trained in safety regulations and legislation, road crash statistics, the importance of wearing a helmet, correct helmet use, and helmet quality. Helmet use rates among control and intervention groups are observed before and after workshops to track progress toward project targets.

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