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Access to safe equipment

Direct provision of road safety tools is necessary to protecting the lives of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists.

At AIP Foundation, we equip vulnerable road users with tools, such as helmets, reflective hats, and pedestrian crossings and signal lights, to keep them safe in their communities.

Access to environmentally suitable and affordable helmets is essential for motorcycle drivers and passengers.

protec helmet

Our Protec Helmet Factory developed the world’s first “tropical” motorcycle helmet – a low-cost, lightweight design that fits the needs of warm climates across the developing world. Protec is a social enterprise that reinvests 100% of profits to fund further traffic safety education and public awareness programs and maintains a workforce of 30% employees with physical disabilities.

In 2012, the Tanzanian government took the first steps to establish a helmet factory in Dar es Salaam based on the Protec model.

For more information, visit the Protec website.


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