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What is the challenge?

  • In 2010, approximately 10,162 Tanzanians lost their lives due to road traffic crashes and more than 200,000 suffered injury: this equals one death for every 100 registered vehicles on Tanzania’s roads.
  • According to recent observations by the Helmet Vaccine Initiative – Tanzania, the helmet use rate in Tanga, Morogoro, and Dar es Salaam is 53%, and motorcycle drivers and male riders are more than three times as likely as passengers and female riders to wear a helmet.

What are we doing?

In Tanzania, AIP Foundation operates under the Helmet Vaccine Initiative Tanzania and has engaged in advanced discussions with the Tanzanian government to replicate the successful Protec factory model in Dar es Salaam. AIP Foundation provides technical assistance for the development and operations of the helmet factory, to be established under Tanzania Prisons Service, a division of the Tanzania Ministry of Home Affairs. AIP Foundation has secured the support of high-level government officials, including the Prime Minister’s Office.

Tanzanian Prime Minister Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda sent an official government delegation to visit the Protec factory Hanoi in November 2012. Following the visit, the Tanzania Prisons Service (TPS) began to develop a plan for a local helmet factory. AIP Foundation and our local counterpart, the Helmet Vaccine Initiative – Tanzania, act as advisers on the project. The plant will create jobs for the physically disabled and those within the prison system while providing high-quality, tropical helmets to the regional market.

AIP Foundation’s key activities in this unique partnership include:

  • Hosting research and information exchange trips in both Vietnam and Tanzania
  • Initiating necessary steps to guide helmet assembly plant implementation
  • Exporting helmet parts and components to Tanzania for the factory
  • Creating a helmet testing laboratory

What do we hope to achieve?

To improve the accessibility of high-quality, affordable, and locally appropriate helmets to the Tanzanian and regional markets.

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