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AIP Foundation promotes data-driven road safety approaches in Southeast Asia at the Safety 2018 World Conference


Earlier this month, AIP Foundation gave presentations at the Safety 2018 World Conference in Bangkok. CEO Mirjam Sidik presented on our Vietnam pedestrian safety program Walk This Way and the work being done to help students get safely to school. Thailand…

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AIP Foundation facilitates capacity-building workshops for Gia Lai traffic police


AIP Foundation partnered with international road safety consultants from New Zealand and the The People’s Police Academy to build capacity for Gia Lai Traffic Police. The purpose of the visit was to assess the capability of…

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Youth ambassadors meet with ‘decision-makers’ to promote distracted driving policy


Over the past few weeks, youth ambassadors for road safety (YARS) representatives met with government officials and local bus company operators to discuss and advocate for a distracted driving policy implementation. AIP Foundation also trained YARS…

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Solidarity Center and AIP Foundation team up with trade unions to improve transportation for commuting garment workers


The Solidarity Center and AIP Foundation joined forces to assist Cambodian trade unions with an inaugural foundational workshop on “Transport Safety for Commuting Garment Workers.” The workshop was convened to specifically discuss commuting safety for workers and to…

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Street Wise recognizes student road safety ambassadors and establishes Road Safety Corner at Thai primary school


In order to grow and facilitate capacity building, Street Wise held a final evaluation stakeholder meeting as well as a recognition ceremony for student road safety ambassadors. At the stakeholder meeting on Thursday, 46 participants from the 11…

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