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Cambodian financial institution provides nearly 100 students with life-saving helmets


Hong Leong Bank Cambodia Plc. teamed up with AIP Foundation and #SaveKidsLives to provide nearly 100 grade 1 and 2 students with life-saving helmets. The handover ceremony took place at Anuk Wat Primary School in Phnom Penh….

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Chevron announces renewed support of Street Wise, key stakeholders strategize next steps for Phase 2


Chevron announced its renewed support of Phase 2 of AIP Foundation’s Street Wise program, which will expand its road safety work in Songkhla Province to five more schools. The announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the Songkhla…

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Related news: Life and death on Thailand’s lethal roads


Source: BBC News Thailand’s roads are currently ranked the second most lethal in the world after Libya’s by the World Health Organization. This status is all the more extraordinary given the fact that Thailand has been…

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Organic rice distributor brings road safety education to more than 10,000 community members


An organic rice distributor launched a Helmets for Kids program at Thairath Wittaya 5 School that will provide road safety education to more than 10,000 students, teachers, parents, and community members. The Natural Growth Co., Ltd.,…

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More than 350 from agricultural community in rural Thailand trained in road safety best practices


In preparation of launching a new Helmets for Kids program in Uttaradit Province, AIP Foundation trained more than 350 teachers, students, and parents from an agricultural community on helmet safety. The Natural Growth Co., Ltd., an…

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Parents from agricultural district educated on helmet safety


From 8-15 January, AIP Foundation staff educated parents of students at four primary schools in a primarily low-income and agricultural district of Ho Chi Minh City on helmet safety. The training session was part of Abbott’s…

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AIP Foundation team visits new Street Wise program schools


AIP Foundation staff visited five new Street Wise schools in preparation of launching phase 2 of the road safety program. All of the schools are located in the Singhanakhon District of Songkhla Province. The new schools are Wat…

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Related news: Road safety is our right, not a privilege


This opinion piece penned by AIP Foundation’s Thailand Chairperson, Ratanawadee Winther, was recently featured in the Bangkok Post. Have you ever wondered why after years of efforts, Thailand has barely made a dent in reducing road traffic…

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Road safety program provides low-income and agricultural families with 5,600 helmets


Helmets for Families, supported by Abbott, is expanding its road safety education to four new schools in the Hoc Mon District of Ho Chi Minh City, a suburban and agricultural zone where up to 90% of…

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