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WHO features two AIP Foundation TVCs in its online library of road safety mass media campaigns


On Monday, January 27, the World Health Organization launched its new online library of road safety mass media campaigns to support strong public awareness efforts around the world. The library features 60 campaigns ranging from drunk…

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Second extracurricular activities at Wat Prachum Mitr Bumrung School, supported by Solvay


On January 15th, AIP Foundation staff conducted extracurricular activities at Wat Prachum Mitr Bumrung School in Rayong province in Thailand. These were the second activities conducted under Solvay’s sponsorship of the Helmets for Kids program and were organized as follow-up to…

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140 primary school students in Bangkok receive helmets as part of a helmet enforcement pilot


On January 9, 2014, AIP Foundation handed over 140 helmets to students of Thai Rath Wittaya 75 Primary School in Bangkok. At the helmet handover ceremony, students received high-quality helmets kindly donated by Vespiario (Thailand) Co.,…

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Second “pop-up” child helmet retail kiosk piloted at gas station in Bangkok


On January 7th, AIP Foundation Thailand launched a second trial “pop-up” helmet retail kiosk at a gas station in Suan Luang, Bangkok, that aims to increase accessibility to children’s helmets. For two weeks the kiosk will…

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