UHVI established “Helmet Safety Checkpoints” in Kampala


UHVI established “Helmet Safety Checkpoints” in Kampala

The Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative and partners established five “Helmet Safety Checkpoints” in Kampala last month, as part of UHVI’s “Obulamu Bwe Buggaga – Wear a helmet!” public awareness campaign. In Uganda, motorcycle (boda boda) riders are in more serious and fatal crashes than any other road user. Police were stationed at each of the checkpoint booths to stop boda boda riders and provide them information about road laws and safe driving. More than 800 boda boda riders received informative pamphlets and safety instruction from the police at the booths, along with other materials to encourage them to always practice safe motorcycle driving on the roads. Over 200 reflective jackets were awarded to riders who complied with the national helmet law. The checkpoints ran from 16th December to 20th December, and 13 more will be set up in February and March.

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