Road safety ambassadors tackle critical road safety issues with Safety Delivered video campaign


Road safety ambassadors prepare to shoot scenes from upcoming public awareness video campaign

Road safety ambassadors prepare to shoot scenes from upcoming public awareness video campaign

University students serving as road safety ambassadors began filming at Ho Chi Minh Agricultural and Forestry University’s campus in Thu Duc District for a four part Safety Delivered public awareness campaign. Safety Delivered, sponsored by The UPS Foundation, focuses on school-based road safety education, public awareness campaigns, and quality motorcycle helmet distribution and education. The short videos will cover a variety of topics including the protective function of helmets, the three steps to wear a helmet correctly, how to choose a helmet which meets national technical standards, and proper driving postures. The videos will be published on social media over the next few months.

All of the actors for these videos are student volunteers from Ho Chi Minh Agricultural and Forestry University, Hong Bang International University and Ho Chi Minh Pedagogical University. In their capacity as road safety ambassadors, they develop and lead engaging peer-to-peer education activities about road safety at their respective universities.

In February 2018, the Safety Delivered program launched television commercials on nationwide television and digital channels in Vietnam and Cambodia with the slogan “leave your phone alone, or you could be next!” and a viral video in Thailand called “The Science of Crazy.” The campaign has integrated media- and community-based approaches to address distracted driving among 15 to 29 year olds.

Please view our “The Science of Crazy.” video here.

Please see more pictures from the shoot here.

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