Legal Development Program leads efforts to make safe school bus services a reality


Panel members discuss how to improve school bus standards and services.

Panel members discuss how to improve school bus standards and services.

The Legal Development Program (LDP) network held a Seminar on School Bus Safety Policy and Standards in Bangkok, bringing together more than 60 people from various organizations and sectors. The seminar consisted of two sessions, starting with a panel discussion on school bus standards led by LDP members, a teacher and community advocate, and AIP Foundation staff. The panel took turns explaining why we need to establish effective and practical school bus standards and what should be done to make safe school bus services available to students across the country.

The afternoon panel discussed the possibilities and practicalities of implementing policy recommendations proposed earlier in the morning by LDP and partners. Later this month, the finalized proposal to improve school bus safety will be submitted to the the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and relevant agencies.

LDP Thailand is a collaboration between the AIP Foundation and the World Health Organization aiming to reduce road crash injuries and fatalities through legislative improvement, supported by the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS).

View more photos from the seminar here.

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