Life’s a Gift media campaign reaches new audiences, raises awareness of Vietnam’s helmet law anniversary


AIP Foundation partnered with Shutta to launch the "Life's a Gift" campaign.

AIP Foundation partnered with Shutta to launch the “Life’s a Gift” campaign.

AIP Foundation partnered with Shutta, a global technology company, to launch a new media campaign in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Vietnam’s national helmet law on 15 December, 2017. The campaign, with the theme of “Life’s a Gift,” raised awareness of the estimated half a million fewer head trauma cases and 15,000 lives saved as a result of the passage of the law. We engaged users by encouraging them to upload photos of “what family means to them” to Shutta’s social media application, which has 250,000 content creators in Vietnam and over 2,000,000 worldwide. Over the course of the campaign, “Life’s a Gift” had 21,111 impressions  and 5,833 engagements.

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