Launch of Safety Delivered’s Tuk Tuk Banner Campaign



One of 80 tuk tuks bearing Safety Delivered's anti-distracted driving messaging.

One of 80 tuk tuks bearing Safety Delivered’s anti-distracted driving messaging.

This past month we launched the Safety Delivered community outreach campaign in Cambodia in which 80 Tuk Tuks across Phnom Penh will display banners featuring anti-distracted driving imagery and messages for the next three months. This campaign is focused on promoting safer driving practices amongst young drivers.

Safety Delivered is a two-year program being implemented in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam and targeting young and novice road users, with support from The UPS Foundation. Activities include school-based road safety education, public awareness campaigns, and quality motorcycle helmet distribution and education. The program aims to reach 15 million direct and indirect beneficiaries and increase child helmet use while also focusing on improving distracted driving behaviors amongst young, inexperienced motorcyclists. Since June, Safety Delivered’s social media presence has generated a reach of 4,089,365 post views, 236,589 engagements, and 1,569,801 media views.

Please see images from the launch here.

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