AIP Foundation and AA Vietnam hosts child car safety workshop for key stakeholders

April 9, 2019

Stakeholders “Speak Up” for United Nations Road Safety Week

We hosted the first stakeholder orientation workshop for a new child car seat initiative, which is a Road Safety Grant Programme supported by Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The initiative is modeled after FIA’s toolkit for child safety in cars, and will advocate for child seatbelt use and car seats to be included in Vietnamese law.

The program aims to improve child car safety in Hanoi by promoting its three-pronged approach of awareness, education, and advocacy. Program activities will include the development of communications materials in order to reach a wide audience, as well as training workshops for car-owning parents to reinforce the importance of child passenger safety and to train parents to use in-vehicle gear such as child car seats.

Based on the results of the training workshops and awareness campaign, AIP Foundation will work with the government to revise existing law to include mandatory seatbelt wearing and car seat use for children.

Please see more photos from the launch here.

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