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Zooming in on Road Safety

Zooming in on Road Safety

Utilizes photography as a medium to give secondary students the opportunity to represent road traffic dangers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Participants then engage their broader school communities through presentations and discussions of their projects.

Major components of Zooming in on Road Safety pilot year (2012-2013) included:

  • Identifying schools based on proximity to high-risk roads and commitment to road safety
  • Introducing project objectives, activities, and evaluation system to stakeholders, including sponsor representatives, local authorities, teachers, and school administrators
  • Training core students on road safety knowledge and photography and presentation skills
  • Exhibiting core students’ photo submissions
  • Engaging parents and students in traffic safety games and raising awareness throughout the community at a public event

The project is based on the idea that when creativity and advocacy are strongest as simultaneous pursuits. By learning to both identify problems and to visualize a future in which those problems have been solved, young adults participating in Zooming in on Road Safety not only become smarter road users but more astute citizens as well.

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School

Aims to improve students’ safety on the road with interactive road safety curricula and modifications to the infrastructure around schools in high density areas to create a safer physical environment for students.

“Safety volunteers” help children learn to cross the street safely and all students receive highly visible “STOP” hands to hold up when crossing the street.

Other key activities are:

  • Training teachers to utilize traffic safety corners and mock-up street models for their lessons on road safety
  • Providing reflective jackets to students for better visibility as they travel on the road
  • Distributing traffic safety instruction booklets to parents
  • Designating pick-up and drop-off points for parents
  • Building traffic simulation corners in school yards
  • Modifying entry and exit gates to relieve congestion
  • Speed bumps with zebra crossings and traffic signs in front of the school

Click on Safety

Click on Safety

Is a computer-based road safety course for first grade students. Click on Safety helps children understand cause-and-effect road scenarios through interactive lessons that include contests, games, and extra-curricular activities in the playground. The exercises allow students to practice making behavioral decisions in a risk-free environment.

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