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Helmets for Families partner Manulife Cambodia wins four International Customer Relationship Excellence Awards


  AIP Foundation’s partner on the Helmets for Families program, Manulife Cambodia won four prestigious awards at the 2018 International Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards ceremony organized by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium on 15 June, 2018….

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Teacher training focuses on integrating road safety into the classroom


As part of our Walk Wise pedestrian safety program in Nanba Township of Sichuan province, China, 20 teachers from Shengdeng and Kunchi Middle Schools participated in the second in a series of workshops designed to build their capacity…

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Popular emoji icon reveals darker side in distracted driving campaign targeted at Vietnamese youth


The darker side of the popular emoji icon was revealed to audiences across Vietnam in a newly launched distracted driving campaign targeted at 15 to 29-year-olds. The campaign’s slogan is “Leave your phone alone or you…

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Helmets for Kids expands to new province with devastating 9 child road crash casualties in 2018


This year, our Helmets for Kids program is celebrating its sixth year of implementation and expanding into a new province. Thai Nguyen province is a mountainous, midland province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Similar to…

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Legal Development Program contributes to revision of national road traffic law


Legal Development Program (LDP) members participated in the Royal Thai Police’s public hearing in Bangkok on the draft Road Traffic Act. The public hearing aimed to gather input on proposed changes to the Act from experts, stakeholders,…

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