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New pedestrian safety plan in Ho Chi Minh City incorporates key safe school zone priorities


The People’s Committee of District 6 issued its new pedestrian safety plan for 2017-2020, which includes key safe school zone priorities advocated for by AIP Foundation’s Walk This Way program. The pedestrian safety plan will target primary and secondary schools…

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Leading mobile operator sends distracted driving campaign messaging to 200k subscribers


We teamed up with Metfone, a leading mobile operator in Cambodia, to send a text message to their 200,000 subscribers with the slogan in Khmer from our new Safety Delivered distracted driving campaign. The public awareness…

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Emojis take on sinister role in new campaign addressing distracted driving among youth


A new safety campaign will integrate media- and community-based approaches to address distracted driving among 15 to 29 year olds. The campaign’s slogan is “Leave your phone alone or you could be next!” and features a…

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New viral video proves just how “crazy” it is to drive while distracted


As part of a new public awareness campaign in Thailand, our Safety Delivered program has released a new viral video that proves just how “crazy” it is to use a phone while driving. The video, titled “The Science…

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AIP Foundation attends meeting on traffic police reforms, presents legislative review findings


AIP Foundation Thailand Country Manager Oratai Junsuwanaruk presented the findings of a legislative review of Thailand’s Traffic Fine System and Penalty Provisions at a recent meeting on traffic police reforms in Thailand that was organized jointly…

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