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Twenty-four key stakeholders, 11 school officials prepare to launch helmet safety program in Uttaradit Province


Twenty-four representatives from the public and agriculture sectors, as well as 11 school officials, met to prepare for the launch of a new Helmets for Kids program in Uttaradit Province in northern Thailand. During the stakeholder meeting,…

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More than 900 helmets donated to school on high-risk Cambodian national highway


Helmets for Families today expanded its road safety education efforts to Kessararam Primary School in Siem Reap City and donated more than 900 helmets to the school community. The project, which is supported by Manulife, celebrated…

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Teachers from school for special needs students trained in road safety curriculum


AIP Foundation staff trained 23 teachers from a primary school and a school for special needs students on a comprehensive road safety curriculum. Nguyen Van The Primary School and Anh Duong Special School for Disabled Students are…

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Honoring road crash victims on the World Day of Remembrance


Last year in Cambodia, 2,231 people died in road crashes. Worldwide, this number reaches 1.25 million annually – and, another 50 million are injured. Today, on the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, we…

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Community comes together to paint road safety murals at primary school


Manulife employees and AIP Foundation staff painted road safety murals at Kessararam Primary School as part of the Helmets for Families program. The paintings will be displayed at the school to teach students and their families about…

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