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Helmets for Families sees increase in quality helmet use by students, parents


Thanks to our Helmets for Families program implementation this year, both the average helmet-use rates among students and the percentage of parents and students wearing quality helmets have increased dramatically. Average helmet-use rates among students increased…

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Youth road safety ambassadors visit local communities to educate on dangers of distracted driving


Throughout May and June, 60 youth road safety ambassadors from our Safety Delivered program visited businesses,  households, and schools across four districts of Phnom Penh to educate residents on the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. The students…

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AIP Foundation joins new task force to reduce motorcycle-related crashes in Thailand


In recognition of our expertise in two-wheeled vehicle safety, AIP Foundation was recently appointed to a new task force created by the Ministry of Transport to reduce motorcycle-related crashes in Thailand. The task force, which now…

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Over 400 students and teachers receive road safety training in Thailand


In mid-June, the entire teaching staff from Thesaban Tambon Tha Pair School and Rajaprajanugroh 4 School participated in a road safety training hosted by AIP Foundation as part of the Helmets for Kids program. In total, 30 participants…

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Safe School, Safe Community program targets multiple stakeholders with road safety education


More than 75 parents, teachers, and students received road safety education at Wat Rachasingkorn School, Bangkok, as part of the Safe School, Safe Community program, which began implementation last month. First, a teacher training was held in the…

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