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Youth road safety ambassadors conduct manual data audits to make recommendations to the Vietnamese government


  AIP Foundation and 15 youth road safety ambassadors from Thuy Loi University in Hanoi joined the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on a road safety data collection mission. The mission aimed to gather personal safety data around…

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AIP Foundation presents at Asian Transportation Research Society’s Annual Conference


Legal Development Program members recently attended the 11th ATRANS (Asian Transportation Research Society) Annual Conference. This year’s conference was entitled “Transportation for a Better Life: Lessons Learned from Global Experiences to Local Best Practices.” The conference, presided…

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Pilot program to improve transport safety for commuting workers launches Road Safety Working Groups at factories


This month, initial Road Safety Working Group (RSWG) meetings were held at garment and footwear factories for discussions on the Garment and Footwear Factory Workers Road Safety pilot program. The RSWG meetings, attended by 65 participants across three provinces…

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Brainstorming meeting held to set new, appropriate speed limits in Thailand


  This week, AIP Foundation and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s Developing Work for Traffic Police to Reduce Road Accident (phase 4) Project held a brainstorming meeting on the Appropriate Speed Limit for Road Traffic Act B.E….

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AIP Foundation discusses road safety issues on Bangladeshi national television programs


In the week following the deaths of two students in Dhaka, Bangladesh who were killed by a bus driver racing to collect passengers, unprecedented student protests and international backlash were at the center of the country’s…

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