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AIP Foundation joins roundtable to advise on road safety journalism fellowship


Thailand Country Manager Oratai Junsuwanaruk and Legal Development Program (LDP) member Pisith Wongthiathana recently attended the “Editors’ Roundtable on Why Road Safety Matters” to provide recommendations for the upcoming launch of the Road Safety Journalism Fellowship…

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Thailand staff attend national safety event


AIP Foundation Thailand was one of more than 20 exhibitors at the Annual Disaster Prevention and Mitigation event in Songkhla Province, an event to promote network building, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among organizations. The event, hosted…

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Walk Wise convenes community stakeholders for new school zone modification plan


Walk Wise, our pedestrian safety program sponsored by Chevron, convened community stakeholders to develop an implementation plan for environmental modifications at schools in Nanba County, China. The workshop drew upon the expertise of stakeholders for the…

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Photo contest and exhibition give students a voice in their own pedestrian safety education


On 22 of March, 24 students from Shengdeng Middle School and Kunchi Middle School in Nanba County, China attended a training session on pedestrian safety, photography, and presentation skills, as part of the first phase of the…

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Legal Development Program holds first strategic meeting of the year


The Legal Development Program (LDP) held the first strategic meeting of 2018 on 21 March at the I Residence Hotel in Bangkok. At the meeting, LDP members and stakeholders discussed the latest information on road safety strategies, policy and implementation…

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