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Traffic Safety Committee kicks off new year with road safety ceremony, road show to raise awareness


The Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee kicked off its 2018 road safety activities with a ceremony and road show to raise awareness within the community. The event was attended by 1,500 guests, including leaders…

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President says new perspective needed for pedestrian traffic laws


Kinhte&Dothi, an Urban Economy Newspaper in Vietnam, conducted an interview with AIP Foundation President Greig Craft on the provisions of the Criminal Law issued in 2015 by the Vietnamese government. The law states that pedestrians who…

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AIP Foundation meets with Grab Taxi to discuss upcoming Helmets for Kids program


AIP Foundation staff visited Grab Taxi Thailand’s office to hand-deliver an organic gift basket and discuss the upcoming launch of Helmets for Kids at Wat Chong Nonsi School, Bangkok, set for January 2018. The five-month program, which is being implemented between…

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New road safety ambassadors educate 2,253 students through Safety Delivered program


Twenty-seven newly trained ambassadors from the Safety Delivered program carried out education and awareness raising activities on road safety and helmet use for 2,253 students from Preak Leap Primary School and Neak Oknha Mohapheakdey Hun Neang Beong Trabeak South…

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Master trainers facilitate teacher training workshop at new program schools


Two master trainers from Kaizhou District of Chongqing assisted Walk Wise in conducting a training workshop for teachers at Nanba No. 2 Primary School and Kunchi Primary School in Nanba Township, China. The workshop is designed…

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