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Communities share photos of local streets in support of global road safety campaign


AIP Foundation mobilized students, teachers, and community leaders across Vietnam, China, and Cambodia in support of the Child Health Initiative’s week of action held from May 21-27. The new campaign calls for a first ever summit of…

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More than 600 parents participate in Street Wise workshops


Over 600 parents, or 80% of parents from Ban Khao Daeng School and Muang Singhanakhon Municipal 1 (Ban Yang Ngam) School in Songkhla province participated in parent training workshops held as part of Street Wise Phase…

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Experts train 60 youth road safety ambassadors on driving techniques


AIP Foundation partnered with Honda to provide youth road safety ambassadors in our Safety Delivered program with tips and techniques to enhance their driving skills at the Phnom Penh driver training center. Honda provided training both…

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AIP Foundation attends stakeholder workshop for new ADB pilot study around Hanoi metro


AIP Foundation participated in a stakeholder workshop for a new project organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), AIESEC International, and SafetiPin that focuses on improving access and mobility for pedestrians along the upcoming Hanoi Metro…

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Legal Development Program leads efforts to make safe school bus services a reality


The Legal Development Program (LDP) network held a Seminar on School Bus Safety Policy and Standards in Bangkok, bringing together more than 60 people from various organizations and sectors. The seminar consisted of two sessions, starting…

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