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Ubulamu Bugaga or ‘Life is your wealth,’ campaign billboards


As part of the multi-faceted Ubulamu Bugaga (“Life is your wealth”) campaign, new billboards were installed at boda boda (motorcycle taxi) stations throughout Kampala. Ubulamu Bugaga aims to increase helmet wearing rates and road safety knowledge…

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Road safety advocates make their case for policy priorities and actions


The Coalition for Road Safety and Handicap International, funded by the Global Road Safety Partnership, together with AIP Foundation called on the Royal Government of Cambodia to take immediate action to reverse rising toll of road…

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VESPA signs a Memorandum of Understanding with AIP Foundation


On June 21, AIP Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with VESPA at its head office in Bangkok. VESPA also made a donation of 196,000 THB (US$6,314) for a one-year agreement to fund Helmets for Kids. Through…

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Traffic police review road safety knowledge with more than 4,000 students in Udon Thani


More than 4,000 students at two schools in Udon Thani practiced their knowledge of helmet wearing during extracurricular activities from June 18-20. Funded by The UPS Foundation, Helmets for Kids engaged the Udon Thani community and schools by…

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Moms at Sampov Meas Primary School take an active role in road safety


70 moms of students at Sampov Meas Primary School in Phnom Penh gathered on May 25, 30, and June 19 for a forum hosted by AIP Foundation to address the important role of mothers in improving…

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