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Hanoi students and Miss Vietnam runner-up take a Long Short Walk for road safety


Students from Ba Dinh Primary School in Hanoi, Vietnam took a walk with AIP Foundation, Miss. Vietnam runner-up 2008 Thuy Van, and members of the Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee (TSC). The event, sponsored by the Global…

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On the roadside and at universities, the public engages in talk to improve helmet safety


Throughout April and May, traffic police have partnered with the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation to stop 2,929 motorcycles whose passengers were not wearing helmets, as part of an innovative new approach to raising passenger helmet…

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AIP Foundation joins the global Long Short Walk campaign in Thailand


On May 1, 2013, more than 180 young students, teachers, parents, school administrators, and government officials from Pasri Chareon District of Bangkok, as well as representatives from the international community, joined the Long Short Walk campaign…

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Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative walks for pedestrian safety in Kampala


The Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative (UHVI) organized a “Long Short Walk” with a group of around 100 people in Kampala, Uganda on May 8. The event, supported by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety,…

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Celebrities and road safety stakeholders join Hanoi families to show how much they ‘love helmets’


On Saturday, May 4, AIP Foundation, in collaboration with Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee and Hanoi Department of Education and Training, hosted a “Kids love helmets” family day in the Hanoi Botanic Gardens. The event was part…

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