Interview with Traffic Radio for Society discusses Safety Delivered


FM 99.5 Traffic Radio for Society interviews AIP Foundation Street Wise October 2017

FM 99.5 Traffic Radio for Society interviews AIP Foundation on our Safety Delivered program. 

AIP Foundation’s Thailand Country Manager Oratai Junsuwanaruk recently made a guest appearance on FM 99.5’s (Traffic Radio for Society) Save & Care program to discuss Safety Delivered, the three-month social media campaign we ran earlier this year to educate young people about the risks of distracted driving. The interview ranged from topics such as why people aged 15 and under should not drive motorcycles and lack of access to public transport as one of the key factors contributing to people’s (including students) reliance on motorcycles, to how AIP Foundation is addressing the issue – e.g. through the upcoming Seminar on “School Bus Safety Policy and Standards”, which will be held on 21 May, to advocate for establishment of a school bus safety committee.

Listen to the full interview here

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