AIP Foundation joins foreign diplomats for TV interview on road safety


Thailand Chairperson joins foreign diplomats for TV interview on road safety October 2017

(From left) Spring News reporter Micky Thanchanok, Irish Ambassador Brendan Rogers, Swiss Ambassador Ivo Sieber, German Ambassador Peter Pruegel, and Thailand Chairperson Ratanawadee H. Winther discuss road safety insights and lessons learned.

Our Thailand Chairperson Ratanawadee H. Winther appeared on Spring News, a Thai Television news channel, with German Ambassador Peter Pruegel, Irish Ambassador Brendan Rogers, and Swiss Ambassador Ivo Sieber to discuss lessons learned and ways to reduce road crashes and fatalities. The interview covered a range of road safety issue areas, including how advances in car technology can save lives, enforcement and penalties for speeding and drunk driving, engagement of the private sector in road safety, and the road safety situation in Thailand.

The previous week, Ms. Winther also sat down for an interview with the CEO of RTV Syed Ashiq Rahman to talk about road safety and women’s empowerment. RTV is one of the main TV networks in Bangladesh.

View more photos from both media engagements here.

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