50 university students share road safety experiences through focus groups


Safety Delivered Focus Group Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh August 2017

Focus group discussions with university students held in AIP Foundation’s Ho Chi Minh City office.

AIP Foundation conducted focus group discussions with 50 students at five universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to identify the main causes of road crashes for young people. The discussion aimed to identify the gaps in students’ knowledge of crash prevention strategies, and how best to share road safety information with university students for our new Safety Delivered program. The participants in the focus groups shared their road experiences as well as observations of common mistakes made by other road users. The university students also contributed innovative ideas to help inform program design, including engaging celebrities in Safety Delivered program activities in order to attract students and increase the program’s effectiveness. We will develop an educational toolkit on relevant road safety topics based on the results of the group discussions. Safety Delivered is a new program being implemented in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar with support from The UPS Foundation.

View more photos from the focus group discussions here.

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